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Driving School Safety Tips: School Buses

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School bus safety is an essential part of the lessons and guidelines taught by every driving school. At Safe Driving School, we stress the importance of these traffic laws that are designed to protect kids on the school bus, people on the nearby sidewalk and street, and other drivers on the road.

When to Stop!

Our Las Vegas, Nevada , driving school instructors stress that the most important school safety rules apply during the boarding and discharge of passengers at bus stops. That’s when the stop signs of the school bus are out, and when the kids are running on or off the bus – usually unaware of other cars on the road.

While many laws taught in driving school vary from state to state, the laws about school bus stops are usually the same. If you are in a residential neighborhood (not on a highway) and driving on the same side of the road as the school bus, you are obligated to stop whenever the bus stops. You can only press on the gas and resume moving when the bus does.

In most US cities, this law also applies to when you’re driving on the opposite side of the road, especially if it is a small street with two lanes. That means it is illegal to pass a school bus when it is picking up or letting off kids!

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