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New Drivers – What You Need To Know

When you are a driver, your mind needs to be active. As a student driver, you normally practice driving on streets with little to no traffic and not many surprises. Out in the big world, unexpected possibilities arise on the road.

Tips for New Drivers | Drivers Ed Courses Near Me

driver1) Leave your Phone out of Reach
You may be tempted to pick it up and send a message since you are at a red light, but getting into these habits is not a good idea. Taking your eyes off of the road for even a second can result in an accident or mistake. Leave your phone on the back seat, or somewhere inaccessible. This will teach you that your phone is off limits while you are behind the wheel.

2)Don’t Drive if Impaired
We all know that you should not drive after drinking alcohol, but there are other impairments to consider. Don’t drive if you are very tired, have taken a medication causing drowsiness, or are very upset and distracted. All of these lower your senses and reflexes.

3)Don’t Speed
If you are nervous about being late, make sure to give yourself enough time to drive. Speeding is not worth the risk, and getting to your destination a little bit late won’t kill you. Speeding, on the other hand, could.

4)Pay Attention to the Cars and Conditions Around You
If you see a car swaying in and out of lanes, better stay clear. Try to take any road conditions into account, and be aware of your overall surroundings.

5)Limit Your Passengers
“The more the merrier” is a phrase for a reason. When a group gets together, things become more fun, louder, and distracting. As a new, or old, driver, distraction is the last thing you want.